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Listen to a teacher or school staff member talking to students. Then answer the question.

Sample Item A

1. What is the subject of the announcement?

  1. The school will be adding new classes.
  2. Three new teachers will be working at the school.
  3. Some students have received an award.
  4. The school is getting its own newspaper.


Sample Item B

2. What does the teacher want the students to do?

  1. Take everything out of their desks
  2. Put the painting supplies in plastic bags
  3. Bring paints with them to school on Monday
  4. Put covers on their desks to keep the paint off


Now you will hear a longer conversation and a teacher talking to a class. Each is followed by four questions.

Sample Set A



3. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  1. A new art project in the city
  2. An assignment for their art class
  3. An art display inside the public library
  4. A painting that the girl saw downtown

4. Why is the boy excited?

  1. A famous artist is going to visit his class.
  2. His artwork might be seen by many people.
  3. His class might visit an art museum.
  4. He is getting a good grade in his art class.

5. Where does the boy say he may go this weekend?

  1. To the zoo
  2. To an art store
  3. To Main Street
  4. To the public library

6. Why does the girl suggest that the boy go to the art room?

  1. So that he can hand in his homework
  2. So that he can sign up for a class trip
  3. So that he can see a new painting
  4. So that he can talk to the teacher


Sample Set B

Teacher Talk


7. What is the main topic of the talk?

  1. A newly discovered type of ant
  2. A type of ant with unusual skills
  3. An increase in the population of one type of ant
  4. A type of ant that could be dangerous to humans

8. According to the teacher, what is one activity that both leafcutter ants and people do?

  1. Clean their food
  2. Grow their own food
  3. Eat several times a day
  4. Feed their young special food

9. What does the teacher say many people think must be true about leafcutter ants?

  1. They eat leaves.
  2. They live in plants.
  3. They have sharp teeth.
  4. They are especially large.

10. What did the experiments show about leafcutter ants?

  1. How fast they grow
  2. Which plants they eat
  3. Where they look for leaves
  4. How much weight they can carry
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